Google to provide affordable Internet WiFi services in India’s 100 railway stations

Google has announced to establish a new campus for providing affordable Internet WiFi services in India’s 100 railway stations by the end of next year. The two-day visit to India Google’s global CEO Sundar Pichai met with Arun Jaitley, Minister Suresh Prabhu and Communications and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Wednesday.

Pichai will meet President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister on Thursday. Praising the Indian market, Pichai said Google hoped that by 2016 the India will have a larger market than the US. After taking over as head of Google, this is the first Pichai’s official trip to India.

He has announced to available the wifi service in 100 railway stations along with RailTel by the end of December 2016.Overall, it will be provided at 400 stations. Mumbai Central will begin in January. With this setting the new campus in Hyderabad and Bangalore, Google announced the increase in the recruitment.
India’s engineering and business development company investing in both areas of intense development of lightweight products that will provide the internet.

Pichai said our focus is on delivering Internet access to everyone. We will ensure that our products for people and their voices are effective and useful to the platform. Google launched on an experimental basis for rural women in its rural Internet program will operate at full capacity in three hundred villages.

Pichai, Google’s Chrome browser and the Chrome operating system are known for the development. His identity is of a simple intellectual search, He launched last year but was much less popular in India are willing to change the fate of Android One phones. According to them, those using Android, India will overtake the US soon. Android, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows operating systems combat.

On mobile search engines, as Google use those terms, India is second only to the US. Next Caesar Sengupta, Google’s vice president of Initiative billion in the first quarter next year, according to the company “to tap Translate ‘feature through which Android phones will start any text will be translated immediately. Under their plans for India 11 Indian languages, Google already has launched typing featuring a virtual keyboard. In the next three years, will train 20 million new Android developers.

Google’s vice president, India and South East Asia, Rajan Anandan said, “In India, by 2020 only 30 per cent of people also will have a 2G connection. About 50 million people in 29 states over 23 languages will be using the Internet by 2018. These days the world is on India’s IT firms. Pichai before Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has visited India.

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