How India’s supporting digital payment methods

Digital Payment Method has been going widely all over the country. Pm modi has appealed country wide to use digital payment method as much as people can use. This is the fastest way our country become corruption less. This step was taken by Pm Modi after democratization get started, In November 16 . In Initial stage people were not interested in using this method but lately people started using and understanding benefits of it

How India’s supporting digital payment methods

To encourage this various schemes has also been started by government. Such as Lucky Grahak Yojana, Digi Locker scheme and many more. Under these schemes Lucky people are getting rewarded daily  with cash prizes. Growth was good in October 2016, mainly on account of festive season. But it continued further from November 16 to January 17 as well. This was a positive fallout of demonetization. However, the boom started in February.

Tax Benefits has also been given to small trades on e transaction . Over all now our country has finally decided to end Black Money spams and corruption in country and making it a better place to live by supporting Pm Modi.


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